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6 Tips to Slay Your Exercise Goals

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6 Tips to Slay Your Exercise Goals


Ready to take on regular exercise? Get geared up to sweat, but also prepare for the increase in energy, muscle tone, strength, and overall health. Regular gym-goers will tell you it’s addictive.

Here’s how to feel just as inspired and excited to tackle your exercise routine with vigor:

1. Create a Personal Mission

When you choose to make exercise a daily habit, it’s one that should be tailored to you. That starts with creating a personal mission statement on why you’re going to make exercise a part of your life. Write it down, make a phone note, tell a friend — whatever you need to do to make it feel official and important. Really think about why it matters that you’re taking this step and how you want to feel after doing it consistently.

2. Put Money On It

If you’re money motivated, then this tip is for you. In an ideal world, aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity weekly. Or, a decent combination of both. If you plan to workout three to four times each week, but start skipping them with excuses, open your wallet. Consider setting aside a specific amount to donate to charity if you skip your planned workout. While it still goes for a good cause, you’ll probably start to want to keep your hard-earned money and you will improve your health if you don’t skip those workouts!

3. Make it Work For Your Lifestyle

 If you wait to have the energy, time, or excitement to work out, it’s unlikely to happen. As you start reinvesting in your workout routine — or decide you’re going to go a little harder — make an ongoing standing date with yourself on certain days at specific times. Skip the all-or-nothing mindset that you’ve failed if you somehow missed every workout this week. Instead, look ahead to how you can fit it in — whether that’s waking up 15 minutes earlier or forcing yourself to take a break for lunch and a power walk. Can’t miss that rerun of Friends? Then hop on the treadmill, stick in your ear buds and multi-task for an hour. 

4. Have Fun  

One of the most important aspects of sticking with exercise goals is to ensure you’re having fun doing the actual exercise. If you absolutely hate running, don’t force yourself to run! Used to love dancing? Find a local dance club or group to get moving with each week. Whether you find yourself getting bored with your regular routine or can’t stand the thought of a particular exercise, make it your mission to find the most fun workout for you.

5. Keep Track

Log your activity each time you are working out. This means every time you go out for a walk with the dog, it counts as exercise. Walking five blocks to take the bus to work? Log that, too. It all adds up — even when you aren’t necessarily thinking about it — and improves your health each time you take initiative to be active. Apps like WoofTrax and Charity Miles can make it even more fun to track your walking workouts. 

6. Measure Your Progress

Another key to your fitness success is measuring your progress. If you don’t know which way your ship is sailing because you’re without directions, you’re going to crash into the rocks and be disappointed when you do so. A great way to measure your progress is in inches lost, energy gained, and even pounds (as long as you don’t get caught up in obsessive weigh-ins). A personal trainer can help you with this, but you can also take photos of yourself in the same clothes and take your own measurements.

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